Today's era is of Digitalization. Everything is getting automated as technology is empowering various thing in our education systems. Lockdown norms has resulted in changes in the strategy of all education institutes across world. So the traditional approach of Pen & Paper based examination is not going to happen in these coming days & We have to shift to the online examination processes.

So to overcome the above situation we have come up with the Online Exam Application for University, Colleges and Schools which will overcome all the challenges and will act as most effective easy and useful tool to conduct the examination.

  • Question Bank: The Teachers have on option to create a question bank and create Question paper online.
  • Question Paper : System can randomly generate a Question paper form the question bank. Hence even the teachers will remain unknown what all questions will be presented to students for exam. This brings in more genuiness in exam.
  • Randomize display of questions: In the same question paper set, the sequence of questions displayed to students will be different and will be random.
  • Exam Schedule: Teacher can schedule the exams at different time slot with different set of question paper or same set of question paper
  • Student registration: System provides facility to Register students for exam as well as register students for different subject
  • Teacher can provide option to give optional questions to attempt
  • Option to add Descriptive type questions, Multiple choice question with Text and Image as well.