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Online Grievance Redressal Portal

The new AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) regulation to install an online grievances system for the registration and disposal of in your institution.

A grievance mechanism is a formal, complaint process that can be used by individuals, workers, communities and/or civil society organization that are being negatively affected certain business activities and operations.

AICTE has made it mandatory for all its affiliated institutions to establish an online grievance redressal system for choosing the timely redressal of grievances. According to the directive, an online monthly status report regarding the number of the grievances received, disposed off and pending should be informed to AICTE.

Online Grievance system used to receive and act on registered complaints by Students, Staff and Stakeholders of private or public institutions. Maximum confidentiality in grievance procedure while complaints close. Transparencyin grievance handling.

Features of Online Grievance Redressal Portal

  • Interface for Students, Parents and Staff to post their grievances
  • Single platform for registrering all kind of Grievance
  • Interface for Grievance committee member to dispose the complaints with accuracy
  • Providing solutions for easy monitoring of Grievance
  • Uncomplicated Interface
  • View/Download complaints in PDF & Excel format
  • Developed as per AICTE and MHRD norms